There is great a potential for building solar power plants in the Netherlands. Holland’s aim is to reach a 14 % share of renewable energy of its total energy consumption by the year 2020, and to increase the percentage level up to 16 % by the year 2023 and 100 % by the year 2050. With its current 5% the Netherlands is far behind in its renewable energy goal to be achieved by 2020.

Our purpose is to support the Dutch renewable energy targets by building solar plants in the Netherlands. There are a lot of possibilities in constructing solar power farms within the Dutch infrastructure.
EAM Netherlands has a large pipeline of solar PV plants to be built as part of the SDE+ program. The projects are operated by EAM Netherlands B.V a subsidiary of EnergeiaAsset Management AS.
We have experience in developing, financing and operating solar power plants solar power plants.

EAM’s operations in the Netherlands can be separated in four main phases:


Research phase

  • Identifying and analysing potential locations for solar power plants.

Investment phase

  • Negotiating with municipalities and private landownerspossible sites for solar plants that either have or can get SDE+.
  • Act as EPC, O&M operator or subcontract such services.
  • Agreeing on terms with equipment suppliers and other subcontractors.
  • Financing the project.
  • Preparing and advising on the investment decision for the Board Directors of Energeia Asset Management.

Development and Construction phase

  • Filing the construction/grid connection permits etc.
  • Tracking the milestone progress of EPC on a running basis.


  • Optimizing the financing structure to maximize risk- adjusted returns.
  • Maintaining an active technical and commercial management of the power plants to improve long-term profits and reduce operational risks.