Engergeia AS is an investment company that acquires, develops and operates solar power plants for long-term ownership.

Engergeia AS’s objective is to generate value through acquiring, developing, operating and managing solar power plants according to best practice operational performance and risk management.

Engergeia AS acquires solar power plants that are already in operation and develop own solar power plants all over the world.

EAM Solar Park Management AS (“EAM SPM”), a subsidiary of EAM, conducts the daily management of the investment vehicles as well as developing thelong-term strategy.

EAM Netherlands is an operational management company owned by Energeia AS.

We believe there is great potential for building solar power plants in the Netherlands. Holland’s aim is to reach a 14 % share of renewable energy of its total energy consumption by the year 2020, and to increase the percentage level up to 16 % by the year 2023 and 100 % by the year 2050. With its current 5 % the Netherlands is far behind in its renewable energy goal to be achieved by 2020.

EAM’s operations in the Netherlands can be separated in four main phases: